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The power conversion of passenger transport vehicles as the new mobility.

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A global environmental issue

The transition of combustion-powered vehicles for other types of mobility is a priority throughout the world to respond to environmental and public health challenges. Let us remind that the 2016 Paris Agreement was signed by 174 countries to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate warming. The conversion of passenger transport vehicles from combustion to electric engineering is the choice of many big cities : for example, Paris targets to be 80% electric by 2025, London zero emission by 2037 and Brussels by 2030. It’s an highly politically driven market. So, european electric bus volumes is expected to reach 10,000/year by 2025 and the global electric bus market is expected to reach 160,000 units/year in 2025.


ACTIA has extensive expertise in the electric mobility market. At the end of the 1990s, the group was involved in the development of a first electric vehicle for the French manufacturer Renault, producing the engine’s control electronics. This was a technical success that made ACTIA a pioneer in the electric drive field. Although the electric vehicle market did not dramatically take off in the years that followed, ACTIA extended its technological advantage in power electronics and energy management while maintaining its established know-how in the automotive industry in general. As a result, from 2011 over 10,000 vehicles are fitted with ACTIA electric drive systems.


The range of ACTIA drive systems is recognised for its energy performance and efficiency, which provide greater independence and reduce battery wear. Taking into account all of the challenges, from integration to vehicle operation, makes ACTIA’s offer both premium and « best value », benefiting from the group’s long-standing technological expertise in chassis/cab vehicle architecture and power electronics.

The automotive field ACTIA know how and the group internal capabilities in engineering and in manufacturing are two other strong key points in the E-Mobility offer.

On the way to a complete turnkey E-Mobility solution, ACTIA integrates in its offer :a powertrain range, a system Integration expertise, battery & power distribution, power converters and connected services & diagnostics.

our E-mobility solutions

Electric Powertrain Range

ACTIA has developed and deployed a range of complete best-in-class off-the-shelf and custom Powertrain systems for commercial vehicles across multiple markets.


Battery system

To complete its system approach, ACTIA is able to offer a range of batteries, suitable converters and embedded telematics and diagnostic solutions in an optimised electric vehicle architecture.


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For further inquiries on the service send us your message. Our team is at your service to answer as soon as possible to your questions. 


For further inquiries on the service send us your message. Our team is at your service to answer as soon as possible to your questions.