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The ITxPT FMS-to-IP Gateway is an ITxPT feature that offers a broadcasting service of FMS (Fleet Management System) data over Ethernet.

A large range

ACTIA Units offer the FMS-to-IP function: TGU-R, Master 25, SAM ATOM, PCCARV4, SBC and AES3-FMS.

TGU-R is the latest hardware evolution of ACTIA telematics devices for commercial vehicles. Utilising latest technologies it provide a powerful solution, integrates the evolution to 4G networks, and offers a choice of variants to best suit the customers’ needs: 2G and/or 4G, GNSS, Wifi, BLE, EDR , backup battery, RS-232, Ethernet, CAN, LIN, J1939, FMS to IP.

The TGU-R is a standard ‘off the shelf’ device in our range of OEM telematics gateways which has been specifically designed and manufactured for Bus applications.

In addition to FMS-to-IP features, ACTIA’s modules offers a large catalogue of ITxPT services such as GNSS, Router, Time, APC, …

Building on technologies, it is a powerful solution, allows the transition to 4G networks and comes in several variants for best meet the needs of customers: 2G, 3G and / or 4G, GNSS, WiFi, BLE, EDR, battery backup, RS-232, Ethernet, CAN, LIN, J1939, FMS to IP.

FMS-to-IP Gateway range





  • Costs savings, ease installation / cabling, mature off-the-shelf products.
  • The ACTIA’s ITxPT functions are portable and compatible with all these Actia’s modules.
  • Therefore, you can combine them easily to design the most cost effective ItxPT architecture for your specific requirement.
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