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Active Amplifier

The ACAM225 audio amplifier has been designed to meet the requirements of the decree of 3 May 2007 relating to the public transport of persons with reduced mobility.

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sound level control

They are compliant with French Annex11 for people with reduced mobility: the sound level being automatically adapted to the external and bus internal noise level.

The independent audio module thus makes it possible to amplify information coming from the sound announcing system by enslaving it to ambient noise (+5 dB). The passenger announcements on the transmission line and the destination of the vehicle are then delivered by an external loudspeaker used as a background microphone.

Calibration of the external HP and adjustment of the sound levels are carried out via supplied software.

Coupled with a computer, the interface boxes ACTIA functionally enrich the system by providing scalability and durability. These are customizable modules of your solution. Active interfaces simplify software development and adaptations of your projects.


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