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My ACTIAFLEET offers an Eco Driving service. The fleet owner gets automatically preformatted reports and dashboard.

driveraid unit

DriverAid unit to be mounted in the vehicle; can be a MADT or a LED display.

driver aid, actia

Real time dash-board can be made available in the depot for the bus operators and driver monitoring.

« Ecodrive Events »: displayed in real time with the associated vehicle location on a map.

eco-driving service detail

eco-driving service

Reports & dashboard are available in my ACTIAFleet

  • "Vehicle activity report": main fuel consumption and comfort parameters.
  • "Fleet consumption": fleet general, consumption & distance, consumption evolution, Average consumption, CO2 emissions.
  • "Driver ranking": drivers performance (0-10).
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For further inquiries on the service send us your message. Our team is at your service to answer as soon as possible to your questions.