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End of line diagnostics

ActiGRAF: Authoring Suite to design Multiplexed Architecture. Design Multiplexed Vehicle Architectures with the programming tools suite ActiGRAF dedicated to ActiMUX system.

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Actigraf Manufacturing Pack

ActiGRAF integrated development environment to design functional applications and diagnose E/E architecture of the vehicle. ActiGRAF is based on STRATON: a PLC programming language as defined with IEC 61131 and is a dedicated 3rd party tool used to program all logic for Digital/Analog Inputs/Outputs, CAN, etc. which runs in the Main CPU Core.

ActiGRAF Manufacturing Pack is a part of the ActiGRAF suite.

It is specially designed for End Of Line Manufacturing. It allows to download and configure the vehicle’s ECU with the right version of software.

It uses directly connected to the engineering  development tool.

For an Agile manufacturing line

To improve the Efficiency

To insure the Traceability

ActiGRAF provides powerful Graphical User Interface capabilities due to ACTIA’s integration of Embedded Wizard, which is also a dedicated 3rd party tool for programming the Graphic Core (FPGA) of the ActiMUX displays.

Three Packs are available:

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