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Alcolock monitoring

The alcolock monitoring systems coupled with TGU and linked to MyACTIAFLEET offers an alert tracking service.

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An ignition interlock device is connected to a vehicle’s ignition system and temporally prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s breath alcohol concentration exceeds the legal level. Thus keeping drivers from starting and operating their vehicles if they have been drinking alcohol.

The interface with breath analyser alcohol tests enables alerts when there is an attempt to start a vehicle with a blood alcohol level above a tolerated level (positive test), or when a vehicle is started without authorisation (Bypass), and also when a “hot start” or “cold start” is detected. Availability of information varies between brands of alcolock:

The events are stored (history) and can be located on a map using Tracking services

The system allows detecting a system or harness defaults. The system is connected to FMS CAN or tachograph D8 pin. offers to the bus operator a real time status and alerts of the vehicle start tentative with alcohol level  above the regulation or the use of the manual switch or the engine compartment switch:

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