ACTIA Public Transport

vehicle & event tracking

myACTIAFleet offers a vehicle tracking service

Location & real time

Using myACTIAFleet, the fleet owner is updated in real time about the vehicle location.

Vehicle tracking can be shown with 5 different background: various maps & satellite views.

The tracking service is offering various features like:

  • The various services uses the tracking views to associate events and location: Eco Drive, Maintenance alerts, Passenger counting, etc.
  • The clustering feature allows to group close vehicle in one icon. Clustering is associated to the zoom function.
  • When clicking on a vehicle, you get the real time information of the vehicle.
  • Map allow to create POI. POI can be a list of stops of a bus route.


For further inquiries on the service send us your message. Our team is at your service to answer as soon as possible to your questions.