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Diagnostics for multiplexed architecture

Multi-MUX Multiplexing Diagnostic Tool is multiplexed architecture diagnostics from ACTIA.

Multi-Mux: the solution to diagnose the multiplexed architectures

A well-known name in electronic diagnostics for after-sales networks, manufacturers and independent workshops, ACTIA also develops on-board multiplexed systems for commercial and industrial vehicles.

With Multi-MUX, you benefit from this dual expertise; a unique guarantee in the diagnostic market for heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches.


  • Diagnose all vehicles using ActiMUX and Kibes in just a few clicks.
  • Fast and easy-to-use: Multi-MUX guides the technician through the vehicle’s systems by Group or by ECU.
  • Eliminate trial and error fault finding and reduce the unnecessary replacement of components.
  • Diagnose vehicle faults rapidly to reduce downtime.
  • Multi-MUX packages feature PC-based software that can be installed on any suitable laptop or tablet PC, complete with ACTIA’s vehicle communication interface and adapter cables.


Multi-MUX diagnostics is a powerful tool that gives you unrivalled access to the ACTIA multiplexed electrical system, which means you can downtime and get your vehicles back on the road quicker.

  • Identify vehicle faults.
  • View live sensor and switch values.
  • Control vehicle systems.
  • Adjust parameters and configuration.
  • Reprogram ECUs.

Multi-MUX is always up to date with it’s cloud based connected services, ensuring you always have the correct level of software throughout the vehicle lifecycle; Engineering, manufacturing, service and with the vehicle operator

Updates Multi-MUX is scalable & offers

  • Data synchronisation with cloud based repository.
  • Application updates from the internet.
  • Lightweight installation and distribution package.

First Line Support

  • Helpdesk.
  • Software licensing and renewals.
  • Finger trouble.

Second line support

  • Remote control of user's PC with LogMeIn Rescue Training.
  • ACTIA offers in-depth training courses enabling technicians to maximise the potential of the Multi-MUX diagnostic tool.

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