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Rear view camera

This new solution from ACTIA replaces conventional external mirrors with external cameras mounted on the side of the vehicle.

Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera aids the driver in backing up, and to alleviate the rear blind spot. It is specifically designed to avoid rear collision.

In addition to the standards rer-view function, a special video matrix has been developed for application to enable surveillance of the vehicles doorways.


A heavy-duty aluminium base plate, ultramid plastic housing.

  • Can be painted in all RAL colours according to customer requirements.
  • The heater can either be started with automatic thermostat and manual.
  • The cam is perfectly designed to suit the requirements of an electronic mirror system.

rear view camera benefits

rear view camera


  • Significally lower profile than conventional mirrors.
  • Reduced risk of damage.
  • Better overview by using multiple cameras.
  • Optimized 3:4 display.
  • Optional camera imaging.
  • High security level: designed to SIL requirements.
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