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Driver-Aid assists your drivers to operate the vehicle more efficiently saving you money.

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Advanced Driver Assistance systems

Driver Aid is a part of the ADAS features it is designed to offer the driver help in certain situations. It is mainly intended to increase safety and comfort. Driver Aid system use radar, video or ultrasonic sensors to monitor the surrounding area in relation to vehicle data such as speed or acceleration. In critical situations such systems warn the driver with a visual, acoustic or haptic signal or provide specific assistance to avoid an accident or to minimise the consequences.

Driver Aid is part of MyACTIAFleet program

Real-time flashing indicators show the driver exactly where improvements need to be made for more efficient driving. Integrated into vehicle systems, it gives accurate warnings.

Integrated into MyACTIAFleet program it provides back-office reports: driver behaviour, fuel and emissions and much more!

driver aid benefits

driver aid

In-cab instrumentation to assist the driver to reduce inefficiencies in operating the vehicle

Also available on Actia clusters and Displays

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