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An offer that is both technological and human-centric for cities concerned about their future.

The key mode of transport

« CITY BUS » has become one of the key modes of transport for the future. It is completely in tune with new societal expectations in terms of mobility. As a transport experience, it is both individual and collective. As environmental consciousness grows, urban users are more and more in favour of this mode of transport.

Environmental concerns give impetus to developing the use of city buses. In fact, many urban policies consider their use a way of reducing the negative consequences of the massive use of private vehicles. Around the world, significant investments are being made to improve infrastructure for an optimal user experience.

The urban electric bus market (urban e-buses) is experiencing strong growth for the same reasons. It is the fastest growing electric vehicle market in both Europe and Asia. Growth is slower in North America. The transition to electric buses is already a reality to which all players in the industry must adapt.

Multiple challenges

There are many players in the city bus market: vehicle manufacturers, public transport operators, regulatory agencies, drivers, users, and so on. Each of these stakeholders faces specific issues. ACTIA, a specialist in on-board systems for commercial vehicles for more than 30 years and partner of several bus manufacturers and operators, is aware of these issues and knows how to respond to them.

These are the key challenges ACTIA is facing with its customers and partners.

our bus partners

Bus manufacturers

ACTIA is a long-standing partner for major European manufacturers of commercial vehicles. As an international group, ACTIA is also taking its place on very fast-growing markets such as the Chinese market.


Operators and value added resellers are the “gateway” between user expectations and what vehicle manufacturers offer. At the heart of the public transport market. ACTIA stands out by bridging the gap between the challenges faced by operators and those of manufacturers.


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