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ITxPT On Board Unit aims to run operators applications as AVMS, PIS, Ticketing, APC, Maintenance, Ecodriving, etc. Those applications can subscribe to the ACTIA MADT service, available in the ITxPT architecture.

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powerful & compact

The powerful and compact onboard computer at the service of your vehicle projects. The Single Board System brings together the latest ACTIA processor core and all the interfaces necessary for your embedded project.

The 4th generation system PCcar v4 combines localization, communication, multiple interfaces and connector for display and driver console.

ACTIA ITxPT On Board units offer a large range of communication and localization features as well as multiple interfaces such as I/O, CAN, COM, Ethernet, USB, Video and Audio.

ACTIA’s ITxPT on-board computers are based on ARM or x86 architecture:

ACTIA ITxPT On Board Units offer a large range of integrated ITxPT services. This integration of services allows easier vehicle integration and cost savings: number of modules and cables reduction, installation and cabling tasks reduction.

on board unit for avms & ticketing detail



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Single board system


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