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master & display

MASTER & DISPLAY is an integrated HMI for driver environment. ActiMUX Master and Display combines Master mode and Graphic User Interface


ACTIA’s third generation of generic multiplexed system dedicated to industrial vehicles E/EA.

HMI detail

Master & display

High level of HMI capabilities

  • WVGA 7 Inches TFT screen.
  • 4 real time display video channels.
  • Dedicated graphic/video processor.
  • 31 pushbutton.
  • Integrated Master capabilities in ActiMUX system.
  • Dual core 32 bit main CPU for vehicle application.
  • S/w and network managements.
  • Support of ActiGRAF integrated development tool for PLC (IEC 61131-3 language) and GUI application S/w.
  • Compliant with SAE J1939, ODX standards.
  • Large possibility of customization (dial face, number of gauges...) to suit customer’s requirements.
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