ACTIA Public Transport

Remote diagnostics

My ACTIAFleet optimizes the productivity of your fleet by enabling the analysis of dynamic vehicle parameters and the editing of remote maintenance logs.


The ACTIAFleet solution consists of a « TGU » multifunction telematics box  installed in the vehicle, that records vehicle data and transmits them  to the « My ACTIAFleet » WEB platform, in real and/or asynchronous time.

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My ACTIAFleet collects and analyses the dynamic parameters of vehicles, as well as information related to vehicle handling, such as use of doors, gears and brakes. The default lights on the dashboard as well as excess temperature, pressure level and voltage readings generate maintenance alerts that are communicated in real time to Operations:

  • Anticipate and reduce breakdowns of vehicles in use.
  • Optimise maintenance according to usage constraints.
  • Increase vehicle availability and reduce back-up fleet.
  • Economise on maintenance costs by knowing the condition of each vehicle.
  • Track all maintenance events (optional).

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