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ACTIA Maintain & Repair solutions for Bus & Coach Vehicle integrate after-sales diagnostics solutions and connected services to ensure vehicle reliability and efficiency throughout his life cycle.

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ACTI-DIAG: global diagnostics solution

In 1985, ACTIA invented the first diagnostics tool. Today, the group is the diagnostic partner of major vehicle manufacturers. ACTIA is a world leader in developing comprehensive maintenance solutions, including hardware solutions (rugged PCs, Vehicle Communication Interface and garage equipment), and software solutions.

This know-how is essential in vehicle maintenance, and in guaranteeing maximum availability. ACTI-DIAG, the diagnostic platform developed by ACTIA, integrates all the on-board, remote, after-sales and on-board diagnostic solutions, to ensure vehicle reliability throughout the vehicle life cycle.

Electronic diagnostics operates at the crossroads of ACTIA’s different areas of expertise (telematics, on-board electronic architecture), and in a service provision approach (fleet management, garage equipment and vehicle inspection).


The rugged station of diagnosis for workshop.

Diagnostic of all leading makes of HGVs (truck electronic equipment and trailers), buses, coaches and utility vehicles.

Diagnostic of main vehicle systems: injection, ABS, EBS, EDC, suspension, retarder, gearbox, brakes, central ECU, dashboard, comfort systems, tyre valves, immobiliser, airbag system, electronic tachograph, air-conditioning, steering, etc.

Quick and simple to use: step-by-step diagnostic methods and procedures, user-friendly interface and intuitive browsing.

Interactive technical documentation: technical vehicle data, wiring diagrams and other technical information are accessible at different stages of the diagnostic procedure.

Key service and repair functions: read/ erase faults, actuator testing, parameter reading, ECU configuration, calibration, resetting etc.

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