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Tachograph remote download

Easytach offers strong costs saving avoiding the data collection at the vehicle depot.

DTCO Social Data collection Service "Easytach" by myACTIAFleet

The ACTIA TGU coupled with any DTCO and linked to allows to download remotely the data of the driver card and DTCO data.


EasyTach downloads legal data automatically and remotely: a major innovation for public transport companies, which cuts management time and costs.

The Business card is remotely authenticated, connected to the manager’s workstation.

Programmed downloads are sent directly from the vehicle wherever it is, (including on the road) and made available on a server.

my ACTIAFleet

Combined to RDS offers to the bus operator an automatic or manual data download to comply easily to the EU regulatio.

  • Driver card data download : file called C1B.
  • DTCO data download : files called V1B.
  • Automatic files archiving.

EU regulation requires at minimum data download & achieving

  • Every 28 days for the driver card.
  • Every 95 days for the digital tachograph.


  • Fleets continue to operate.
  • No external or driver involvement necessary.
  • No need to organise personnel to run downloads.
  • A profitable solution that pays for itself Quickly.


  • The Business card stays in the office: no repeated operations in the vehicle.
  • Programmable downloads: nothing forgotten, not late.
  • Collection is reliable and secure.


  • Data are collected in an instant.
  • No need to program the return of the fleet.


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