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Geofencing is a virtual fence, My ACTIA Fleet enables you to know the position and status of each of your vehicles in real time, as well as events for subscribed services.

What is the Geofencing?

ACTIA took part of the European ZeEUS project in London. The Zero Emission Urban bus System aimed to extend the fully-electric solution to the core part of the urban bus network.

As a result of this project Actia developped specific geofencing feature for zero emission zone.

The zero emission zone is communicated to the vehicle, and the vehicle is asked not to run its diesel or petrol engine while it’s in that zone; it runs on the battery.

It’s possible de define zone where vehicles can charge their batteries.

Zones can be defined by the user

  • A normal use area in which a vehicle can move.
  • A prohibited area in which the vehicle must not enter.

The system will then generate alerts when a vehicle demonstrates certain predetermined behaviors.

  • A position alert when a vehicle enters a prohibited zone.
  • A mileage alert when a vehicle travels more than a certain number of kilometers in a day.
  • A speed alert when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

The alerts can be set by the user and sent to him by e-mail, SMS or a Web server.

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