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A new way to travel

For many years, coaches have been the most popular mode of transport in Asia and Latin America. In the absence of a sufficiently developed rail network, regular coach services are relied upon to connect many towns and cities. The coach market is also being boosted by the rapid growth in tourism in these countries, offering high-end vehicles with high-tech on-board services such as: touch-screens, Wi-Fi VOD, in-vehicle Internet and other multimedia applications.

In Europe, in the countries that have deregulated coach transport in recent decades, this market has taken off, propelled in particular by young travellers and pensioners. The United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany and more recently France have all deregulated their interregional markets. The services are operated in a highly competitive environment. Transport companies are having to ramp up efforts to stay in the game.

Service offering & profitability

Targeting very diverse user profiles according to the route and the country, the offer is particularly broad with varying levels of pricing and equipment. However, comfort and safety are major concerns for passengers with high levels of expectation in both of these areas. “Entertainment” services offer passengers a travel experience that can make all the difference in a highly competitive market. Equipment and services related to on-board multimedia and connectivity have become standard, even with “low cost” companies.

Increased competitive pressure and high user expectations mean that coach fleet operators are constantly having to find ways to improve profitability. As such, maximising fleet availability rates is a priority for them. In light of these constraints, manufacturers can play an important role by adapting the vehicles they offer.

ACTIA, a specialist in on-board systems for commercial vehicles for more than 30 years and partner of several coach manufacturers and operators, is aware of the issues facing stakeholders in this market and knows how to support them to respond to these issues.

our coach partners


ACTIA is a long-standing partner for major European manufacturers of commercial vehicles and offers a comprehensive range of equipment and services. Its expertise in connected vehicles and on-board multimedia systems complements its proven architecture know-how, particularly in multiplexing.


Operators and value added resellers are the “gateway” between end-customer expectations and what vehicle manufacturers offer. ACTIA stands out by bridging the gap between the challenges faced by operators and those of manufacturers.


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