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myACTIAFleet offers an integrated Maintenance and Remote Diagnostic service.

Control & real time

The fleet owner is automatically alerted for vehicle events through various medias and can get details in the preformatted reports and dashboards.

Real time dashboard can be made available in the depot workshop display real time vehicle alerts and health monitoring.

« Vehicle Events »: displayed in real time with the priority level and the associated vehicle location on a map.

maintenance & remote diagnostics service detail

maintenance & remote diagnostics service

Automatic alerting can be programmed to inform operator’s authorized persons in real time. Alerts can be received by email or SMS for events like.

  • "Parameter monitoring": main vehicle parameters like levels, pressure, etc.
  • "Vehicle usage": brakes, clutch, rpm, etc.
  • "Warning lamps-TTS": status of dashboard tell tales.
  • "Remote diagnostic": vehicle DTCs.
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