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ACTIA offers a large range of Instrumentation & Displays dedicated to the driver workplace.

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ACTIA offers a large range of Instrumentation & Displays dedicated to the driver workplace. All of them can be used as a stand-alone module or easily integrated in the electric architecture with the ActiMUX system.

The compliance of these modules with standards is guaranteed by ACTIA’s expertise in on-board electronic systems, and by the group’s involvement in defining the EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) standards. Being standardised architecture nodes, these modules are also used to construct complete ActiMux multiplexed architectures.

Whether it is a display, cluster, gauge panel or dashboard, ACTIA has the capabilities to fully customise the instrumentation package to customer specifications.


ACTIA’s Human-Machine Interface (HMI) know-how comes from years of interacting with OEMs and end-users. This interaction has allowed ACTIA to be attuned to the needs of manufacturers when developing HMI technologies. From gauges and displays to the all-integrated dash, these solutions have been carefully designed with the safety, comfort and ergonomics of the end-user in mind.

ACTIA provides a complete line of human-machine interface solutions that eliminate the need to rely on inaccurate and outdated mechanical and electrical gauges. By using analogue and digital technology, ACTIA’s instruments provide more functionality, flexibility, and ease of installation than any other existing solutions on the market.

our instrumentation & display solutions

Cluster range

Multifunction Instrumentation Cluster (MultIC) is a range of instrument panels available in several formats, with numerous customisation options.


Master & display

MASTER & DISPLAY is an integrated HMI for driver environment. ActiMUX Master and Display combines Master mode and Graphic User Interface.



Multi-Application Driver Terminal: an open and mastered solution! ACTIA’s platform dedicated to bus applications is rugged and ready for Integration.


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